Takara-Tomy Transformers United (UN-09) Megatron

(February, 2012) While I really like my 2006 Classics Megatron, I'd also wanted a representation that hewed closer in its color-scheme to the G1 original. I passed up on the 2008 release of Takara's Henkei! Henkei! Megatron because I thought it used too much red, and didn't dig the chrome chestplate and kneecaps. So, I waited and toyed with the idea of making a custom Classics Megatron as so many had done in the past. However, Takara would later re-release this mold once again in 2010 as part of its Transformers United line, with a nice metallic silver paint-scheme, and light-use of a darker shade of red, this time around a metallic crimson color. THIS, I said to myself, was the Classics Megatron I really wanted. And so, I popped for one last year, and I love this toy, and I hope you enjoy the gallery.

transformersunitedmegatron01_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron02_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron03_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron04_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron05_small.jpg
transformersunitedmegatron06_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron07_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron08_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron09_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron10_small.jpg
transformersunitedmegatron11_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron12_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron13_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron14_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron15_small.jpg
transformersunitedmegatron16_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron17_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron18_small.jpg transformersunitedmegatron19_small.jpg

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