Platinum Edition Year Of The Horse Optimus Prime

There's not a lot I can say about the MP-10 mold that hasn't already been said, so let me just distill my feelings down into a simple statement:


With that said, I can talk about this variant of the mold a little bit. Released late in December of 2013, it made its way into Toys R Us stores across the country in the first two quarters of 2014. Since I had missed MP-10 the first time around, I decided I had to have this guy. So what if the red was changed into a wine color, and a lot of the silver got swapped out for gold? So what if the trailer is clear plastic? I'm a customizer, right? I can fix all of that without much trouble. Yeah!

Then I got the guy in my hands, and damn, if that gold chrome doesn't look sharp! And that wine color? It looks nice too. And the transparent trailer? Awesome. Heck, the whole dang figure looks great! Sure, he looks different than the other assorted Optimi on my shelves, but that's not a bad thing. He stands out! He looks nice, looks REGAL in his darker, less saturated color palette. And with this toy they also fixed another thing about the original MP-10 release that bugged people: his dead eyes. This time around they painted the uncovered portions of his face black, and his eyes were painted a nice, light blue that really pops against the black. Dead eyes no more!

The only thing that throws me is the black around his abdomen, and I will eventually spray-paint those sections in a wine color similar to the rest of his deco. And I may paint his biceps dark-silver too. But the rest of it? I'm not changing a thing. He absolutely fine as-is, and he's easily one of the most handsome and distinguished highlights of my Optimus Prime collection. Year of the Horse, baby, and don't you forget it!


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

dscf6782_small.jpg dscf6783_small.jpg dscf6784_small.jpg dscf6786_small.jpg dscf6788_small.jpg dscf6792_small.jpg dscf6794_small.jpg dscf6812_small.jpg
dscf6865_small.jpg dscf6867_small.jpg dscf6868_small.jpg dscf6869_small.jpg dscf6870_small.jpg dscf6872_small.jpg dscf6873_small.jpg dscf6877_small.jpg
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dscf6898_small.jpg dscf6902_small.jpg dscf6904_small.jpg dscf6938_small.jpg dscf6940_small.jpg dscf6943_small.jpg dscf6946_small.jpg dscf6948_small.jpg
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