BotCon 2012 "Shattered-Glass" Soundwave

(February, 2013) There were many nice-looking exclusive toys at last-year's BotCon (the first BotCon I have ever attended), and I liked quite a few of them. Amongst the nicest ones were Kick-Off/Kick-Over, Spinister, Shattered-Glass Treadshot, Shattered-Glass Ultra Magnus, and Shattered-Glass Straxus. However, my favorite arguably became Shattered-Glass Soundwave.

Sure, the mold used isn't exactly well-liked, but there's something about the overall color-scheme, the new Soundwave head, and the little details (like the "Cold Slither" tampo on the doors) that just add up into something I really, really enjoy. For my money, he takes a rather poor mold and raises the bar on it, and as far as I'm concerned it looks far better on him than it does Ironhide or Ratchet (even the Henkei versions).

All-in-all, this toy makes me really glad that I opted for the box-set at last-year's BotCon. I really love this toy, and I hope you enjoy the gallery.

sgsoundwave01_small.jpg sgsoundwave02_small.jpg sgsoundwave03_small.jpg sgsoundwave04_small.jpg
sgsoundwave06_small.jpg sgsoundwave07_small.jpg sgsoundwave08_small.jpg sgsoundwave09_small.jpg
sgsoundwave10_small.jpg sgsoundwave11_small.jpg sgsoundwave12_small.jpg

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