Custom Evasion Optimus, Rusty Version 1
(Custom completed in September, 2015)

Its no secret to anyone who knows me that the voyager-class Evasion-Mode Optimus Prime is one of my favorite Optimus Prime toys ever. After all, I have all eight versions of the mold that were available for purchase, an extra platinum-edition version wearing the 3P Apex Armor, and have four different customized versions of him as of this date (and a 5th I sold off on eBay. THIS one in fact), with another two versions awaiting my custom work on them as well. So, all said and told, I have bought this mold an impressive (or sad, depending on your viewpoint) sixteen times to date.

Unfortunately, amongst the eight main versions of this toy, not a single one is actually screen-accurate. The closest overall in both modes would be Breakout Battle "Scrapyard" Optimus (robot mode, and truck mode pics), with Takara's TRU exclusive Rusty Ver. Optimus nearly nailing it in truck-mode, but blowing it in robot-mode (robot mode, truck mode). Even the neat and super-rare MILK magazine Evasion Optimus, which were all exclusive, hand-painted giveaways don't really approach screen accuracy, looking more like an Optimus that drove through an oil-field before taking a roll through a strip mine (robot mode, truck mode photos by 'Sky').

So, with that in mind I went to work on a more screen-accurate version of my own. I used my usual combo of acrylic paints by Tamiya, Citadel, and Testors Model-Master paints, and as you can see in the above photos I opted to give him an approximation of his "pre-rusty" movie-deco first. Once that was done, I proceeded to give it its rusty, beaten, weathered appearance as it was seen in the film, complete with drilled-in bullet-holes. And, as in the film, he has one color-scheme in truck-mode, and a second in robot-mode. Thanks to the inside-out transformation scheme this toy employs, such a palette-swap was actually doable. I also painted-up and modified his fusion-rifle, and also gave him a painted version of the Tri-Barrel blaster, courtesy of Fakebuster83's shapeways shop.

You can see the final deco in the photos below.


Taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

rustyevasionoptimus002_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus003_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus004_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus005_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus006_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus007_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus008_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus009_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus010_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus011_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus012_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus013_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus014_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus015_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus016_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus017_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus018_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus019_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus020_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus021_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus022_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus023_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus024_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus025_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus026_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus027_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus028_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus029_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus030_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus031_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus032_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus033_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus034_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus035_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus036_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus037_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus038_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus039_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus040_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus041_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus042_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus043_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus044_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus045_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus046_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus047_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus048_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus049_small.jpg
rustyevasionoptimus050_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus051_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus052_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus053_small.jpg rustyevasionoptimus054_small.jpg

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