Planet X - VULCUN

When I dip into 3rd party toys, I usually restrict myself to add-on kits (like the Perfect Effect head/chest add-on Superion is sporting in a couple of the photos below). I prefer to support Hasbro/Takara in almost every case, especially since they've been so good at giving me what I want toy-wise from the Transformers like since 2007.

However, every now and again a 3P product arises from the sea of product that stands out amongst the rest; one that I simply have to own. ToyWorld Infinitor was one such toy, and now Planet X Vulcun is another. This figure is an absolute triumph, and is essentially the Grimlock figure I've always wanted. Its big, its sturdy, its poseable, its not hollow, AND its a virtal dead-ringer for Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock. IMHO he stands head-and-shoulders above all the other 3P not-Grimlock figures out there, and may be the best version of Grimlock we have ever gotten (only the Masterpiece Version can hold a candle to him).

This toy is SO good that I'm going to have to purchase the rest of the Planet X not-dinobots to go with it. Well-done Planet X!


Taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

planetxvulcun001_small.jpg planetxvulcun002_small.jpg planetxvulcun003_small.jpg planetxvulcun004_small.jpg planetxvulcun005_small.jpg planetxvulcun006_small.jpg planetxvulcun007_small.jpg
planetxvulcun008_small.jpg planetxvulcun009_small.jpg planetxvulcun010_small.jpg planetxvulcun011_small.jpg planetxvulcun012_small.jpg planetxvulcun013_small.jpg planetxvulcun014_small.jpg
planetxvulcun015_small.jpg planetxvulcun016_small.jpg planetxvulcun017_small.jpg planetxvulcun018_small.jpg planetxvulcun019_small.jpg planetxvulcun020_small.jpg planetxvulcun021_small.jpg
planetxvulcun022_small.jpg planetxvulcun023_small.jpg planetxvulcun024_small.jpg planetxvulcun025_small.jpg planetxvulcun026_small.jpg planetxvulcun027_small.jpg planetxvulcun028_small.jpg
planetxvulcun029_small.jpg planetxvulcun030_small.jpg planetxvulcun031_small.jpg planetxvulcun032_small.jpg planetxvulcun033_small.jpg planetxvulcun034_small.jpg planetxvulcun035_small.jpg

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