Transformers Expo-exclusive Movie Advanced Series - Nemesis Prime

When I went to Botcon 2015 back in June, there were only two remaining versions of Evasion Optimus Prime I had left to acquire. Breakout Battle "Scrapyard" Optimus was one, and Nemesis Prime was the other. We found a few dealers carrying him, the highest being around $180.00, which was the usual price for him I kept finding online. On Saturday another dealer was selling one for $120.00. My money was tight and I held off, but later that same dealer was selling one for $100.00, and Amy Lynn Rosina purchased it for me as an early birthday-present.

This is an absolutely gorgeous toy, and arguably the most beautiful deco to be found on the Evasion Optimus mold. I'm not usually a big fan of black Optimus repaints, but with the red eyes and windows, dark-blue tires, silver and turquoise trim, and a turquoise rifle, this toy POPS! It looks fantastic in both modes, and retains all of the excellent overall qualities of the Evasion mold to boot. He's the jewel of my assortment of Evasion Primes, and I enjoy him immensely.

Thank you Amy!!


Taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

manemesisprime1_small.jpg manemesisprime2_small.jpg manemesisprime3_small.jpg manemesisprime4_small.jpg manemesisprime5_small.jpg manemesisprime6_small.jpg manemesisprime7_small.jpg manemesisprime8_small.jpg
manemesisprime9_small.jpg manemesisprime10_small.jpg manemesisprime11_small.jpg manemesisprime12_small.jpg manemesisprime13_small.jpg manemesisprime14_small.jpg manemesisprime15_small.jpg manemesisprime16_small.jpg
manemesisprime17_small.jpg manemesisprime18_small.jpg manemesisprime19_small.jpg manemesisprime20_small.jpg manemesisprime21_small.jpg manemesisprime22_small.jpg manemesisprime23_small.jpg manemesisprime24_small.jpg
manemesisprime25_small.jpg manemesisprime26_small.jpg manemesisprime27_small.jpg manemesisprime28_small.jpg manemesisprime29_small.jpg manemesisprime30_small.jpg manemesisprime31_small.jpg manemesisprime32_small.jpg
manemesisprime33_small.jpg manemesisprime34_small.jpg manemesisprime35_small.jpg manemesisprime036_small.jpg manemesisprime037_small.jpg

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