Buying full-blown 3rd Party toys is a rare thing for me. I usually buy add-on kits for existing Hasbro/Takara products: the Fansproject G3 trailer for Classics Optimus, the Blood The Dark Warrior kit for ROTF Bludgeon, the Perfect Effect add-on kits for CW Superion and Menasor, the X2 Interception gun along with Iron Factory's Turrets and Manacle for Titan Metroplex, and Dr Wu's versions of FE Optimus Prime's Star-Saber, and DOTM Optimus Prime's triple-barrel Blaster.

That said, I do buy a 3P figure every once in a great while, and during Botcon 2015 I came across a figure I'd had my eye on at the booth of The Chosen Prime: Toy World's INFINITOR, their homage to G1 Fortress Maximus at a more reasonable scale (roughly equivalent to the old Ultra-Class toys). The price was right, and I snatched it up very quickly, and with no regrets.

Infinitor is a handsome figure that scales and displays well with modern classics/generations toys. He duplicates the overall look of the original Fortress Maximus very well, with all of the added articulation that one would expect out of a modern collectable figure. He transforms into both city and battle-station modes very easily, and they even added a version of the Headmaster power-meter inside his torso as well. My only issue with the figure is that the silver plastic that forms some of his ratchet joints is of a somewhat soft type. In fact, a portion of the transformation joint that holds on his right hand cracked clean through shortly after I brought him home. Fortunately, the plastic is firm enough to hold on, despite the gap, and I've had no problems since then.

Overall, Infinitor is a fine figure, and I'm very pleased to own him.


Taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

infinitor003_small.jpg infinitor004_small.jpg infinitor005_small.jpg infinitor006_small.jpg infinitor007_small.jpg infinitor008_small.jpg infinitor009_small.jpg infinitor010_small.jpg
infinitor011_small.jpg infinitor012_small.jpg infinitor013_small.jpg infinitor014_small.jpg infinitor015_small.jpg infinitor016_small.jpg infinitor017_small.jpg infinitor018_small.jpg
infinitor019_small.jpg infinitor020_small.jpg infinitor021_small.jpg infinitor022_small.jpg infinitor023_small.jpg infinitor023a_small.jpg infinitor024_small.jpg infinitor025_small.jpg
infinitor026_small.jpg infinitor027_small.jpg infinitor028_small.jpg infinitor029_small.jpg infinitor030_small.jpg infinitor031_small.jpg infinitor032_small.jpg infinitor033_small.jpg
infinitor034_small.jpg infinitor035_small.jpg infinitor036_small.jpg infinitor037_small.jpg infinitor038_small.jpg infinitor039_small.jpg infinitor040_small.jpg infinitor041_small.jpg
infinitor042_small.jpg infinitor043_small.jpg infinitor044_small.jpg infinitor045_small.jpg infinitor046_small.jpg infinitor047_small.jpg

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