Custom "Classics" Fortress Maximus - Version 1:

This custom/kitbash was one I had really wanted to do since I first saw it done on the Japanese boards, and another by Viagra Prime: Cybertron Metoplex into Fortress Maximus. I let the desire simmer for a couple of years, and when Cybertron Metroplex hit Dollar General stores at $19.99 (holiday season 2007), I decided the time was now, and soon I'd gotten started on my first custom Transformer.

For this custom, I used a Superion Head as the base for Max's noggin. I made a ball-joint for the neck, courtesy of a Xevoz Alpha Centurion. I used G1 Battletrap guns for the forearm cannons, and G1 Drag-Strip cannons stand in for Fort's leg-mounted mortars. Fort's rifle is made from a KO Abominus rifle and an Optimal Optimus Missile. His waist-cannons were made using the guns from an Energon/Universe Windrazor. His dual-barrel Laser Gun was made from a G1 Streetwise cannon and parts of Energon Arcee's weapon.

I made extensive use of sheet, tube, and rod styrene, as well as Aves Fixit Sculpt for the alterations and original parts. I also managed to scrounge up junk parts I'd kept around from old models, GI Joe toys, and even model sprue, which I used to make various items, especially the repair arms. I even made use of Marvel-Legends blister-plastic, and an old G1 Tech-Specs decoder.

The paints used are from the Testors Fantasy/Acryl series.

Originally, I'd decided not to do the Headmaster version because I didn't have a spare Drillbit Minicon lying around. So, I went with the Superion head as the base. However, I soon decided to sell him off on eBay, and I acquired an extra Drillbit beforehand. With that, I went on to create a version of Cerebros that transformed into Max's head.

Shortly after fnishing up my Custom Fort Max, I decided to sell him off on eBay. In doing so, I also decided to change up a few things. First off, I decided to keep the altered Drag Strip cannons, and instead went with First-Aid's cannons which I altered and repainted. I also kept my original radar dishes and robotic arms, replacing them with simplified versions.

I was sad to let him go, but I soon began work on a 2nd version of Fortress Maximus to keep as my own.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

fortmax01inprogress1_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress2_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress3_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress4_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress5_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress6_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress7_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress8_small.jpg
fortmax01inprogress9_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress10_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress11_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress12_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress13_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress14_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress15_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress16_small.jpg
fortmax01inprogress17_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress18_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress19_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress20_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress21_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress22_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress23_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress24_small.jpg
fortmax01inprogress25_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress26_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress27_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress28_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress29_small.jpg fortmax01inprogress30_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone1_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone2_small.jpg
fortmax01progressdone3_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone4_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone5_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone6_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone7_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone8_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone9_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone10_small.jpg
fortmax01progressdone11_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone12_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone13_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone14_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone15_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone16_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone17_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone18_small.jpg
fortmax01progressdone19_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone20_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone21_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone22_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone23_small.jpg fortmax01progressdone24_small.jpg fortmax01selling1_small.jpg fortmax01selling2_small.jpg
fortmax01selling3_small.jpg fortmax01selling4_small.jpg fortmax01selling5_small.jpg fortmax01selling6_small.jpg fortmax01selling7_small.jpg fortmax01selling8_small.jpg fortmax01selling9_small.jpg fortmax01selling10_small.jpg
fortmax01selling11_small.jpg fortmax01selling12_small.jpg fortmax01selling13_small.jpg fortmax01selling14_small.jpg fortmax01selling15_small.jpg fortmax01selling16_small.jpg fortmax01selling17_small.jpg

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