Custom "Classics" Shockwave

After Fortress Maximus, I set my sights on another one of those "just gotta do it!" projects, one that a lot of customizers do eventually: Shockwave. This version was a real Frankenstein of sorts (not unlike 'Autobot Spike' *lol*), being made up of parts from Energon Shockblast, Six-Shot, Snow-Cat, and Demolishor, Armada Megatron, and a hand from an ML Modok, and some extra firepower cribbed fom a Kids-Connection MARS set. When I first got him assembled, his kitbashed nature was readily apparent, as you will see below in the first of the gallery photos.

After painting him, he really started to come together properly. This time around I used both Testors and Tamiya paints. The shades I used were Tamiya Purple & Chrome Silver, and from the Testors Model-Master Acryls, I used Flat Black, Battleship Gray, Gunmetal, Steel, & Bronze. On top of the paints and parts, I'd also altered him so that the tank-tread "backpack" snapped on and off as well.

Before selling him on Ebay, I swapped out the Modok hand for a Gundam one, adding a magnet in the wrist so that the hand could be swapped for a cannon from the aforementined MARS set.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

shockinprogress01_small.jpg shockinprogress02_small.jpg shockinprogress03_small.jpg shockinprogress04_small.jpg shockinprogress05_small.jpg shockinprogress06_small.jpg shockupdate2_01_small.jpg shockupdate2_02_small.jpg
shockupdate2_03_small.jpg shockwavenf001_small.jpg shockwavenf002_small.jpg shockwavenf003_small.jpg shockwavenf004_small.jpg shockwavenf005_small.jpg shockwavenf006_small.jpg shockwavenf007_small.jpg
shockwavenf008_small.jpg shockwavenf010_small.jpg shockwavenf011_small.jpg shockwavenf012_small.jpg shockwavenf013_small.jpg shockwavenf014_small.jpg shockwavenf015_small.jpg

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