Custom "Classics" Ratchet
(Custom completed in April of 2012)

Like Ironhide before him, the Hasbro release of Ratchet here was a disappointing one. His forearms, hips, and interior chest-panel are all inexplicably molded in black plastic. In Ratchet's case the black bits are even more off-putting. If you want to see a photo of what this toy looked like before I painted it, simply click here, and you can see the un-altered vehicle-mode right here.

Some of Ratchet's parts were given a base coat of Krylon Fusion Beige, and then on those parts a followup coat of Krylon Fusion White or Tamiya Silver. Final colors used were Testors Dragon White, Testors Turn-Signal Amber, Citadel Mithril Silver, Citadel Boltgun Metal, and a mix of Testors International Orange and Guard's Red which I simply called "Ratchet Red", a color I will also be using on Prime RiD Ratchet later on.

The laser-scalpel and tail-lights got the Tamiya clear-Orange spray-treatment, followed up by Testors clear-Red. And for some odd reason the finished lights put me in the mind of Gummi-Worms. Great, now I want Gummi-Worms. Thanks a lot Ratchet!


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

uratchet01_small.jpg uratchet02_small.jpg uratchet03_small.jpg uratchet05_small.jpg uratchet06_small.jpg
uratchet07_small.jpg uratchet08_small.jpg uratchet09_small.jpg uratchet10_small.jpg

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