Custom "Classics" Ironhide
(Custom completed in March of 2012)

"Arn-hahhhd" here had a base-coat in some spots mixed from Tamiya Red, and Orange, and Testors Dark Tan. Then he was painted primarily in a mixture that included Tamiya Red, Tamiya Orange, and Reaper Red-Steel, with a little future added as well. I wanted the final product to have a color that hewed slightly towards a rust-red.

He has details in Testors Battleship Gray and Gunmetal, and also a Pewter-colored mixture made from Testors Gunmetal, Tamiya Copper, and Citadel Mithril Silver. The energon-blade was painted with Tamiya Clear-Blue, the backs of his headlights and his grille-guard were painted in straight Citadel Mithril Silver, and the backs of his brake-lights were painted with Tamita Red on one half, and Tamiya orange on the other, before being painted over with Tamiya clear Orange.

Lastly, his opaque window details were painted over in a mix of Testors Aluminum and Dark Blue, and his eyes were painted with a mix of Citadel Enchanted Blue and Testors Dragon White. And, I also modified and painted up one of the blaster-weapons from rOTF Recon Ironhide, which can be inserted into the screw-hole if your remove the side-panel from Ironhide's arm. The panel then pegs into another hole drilled into the modified blaster.

If you want to see a photo of what this toy looked like before I painted it, simply click here, and you can see the un-altered vehicle-mode right here. I am very pleased with the way he turned out, and I feel the looks so much better now that the original, Salmon-color plastic has been covered over. Honestly I dunno what Hasbro was thinking with that color. But hey, Ironhide is finally read to pust some Decepti-chops!


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

ironhidepieces_small.jpg uironhide02_small.jpg uironhide03_small.jpg uironhide04_small.jpg uironhide05_small.jpg
uironhide06_small.jpg uironhide07_small.jpg uironhide08_small.jpg uironhide09_small.jpg uironhide10_small.jpg
uironhide11_small.jpg uironhide12_small.jpg uironhide13_small.jpg uironhide14_small.jpg

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