Custom "Classics" Hound
(Custom completed in March of 2012)

After owning Universe Hound since his release, I eventually found I just wasn't pleased with the light green color of his plastic, and decided to paint him up to more closely match the shade of the original G1 toy.

The main color is a custom shade of green I mixed using Testors Model Masters Acryl Gloss Green, and Tamiya Flat Brown, and a tiny bit of Testors MM Acryl Dragon Black. I also added a little bit of future acrylic polish to the paint as well. Were I to do this again, I go with a non-custom color and use Testors Marine-Corps green. The silver touches are mainly Citadel Mithril Silver, with a few bits done up in Testors Gunmetal.

The gun is from the deluxe-sized Optimus mold in the old Classics Ultimate Battle Two-Pack with the Tank Megatron and DVD pack-in. I simply cut a hole into it so Hound's weapon could be attached to it, and repainted it. Once everything was done, I added the Classics Hound decals from Reprolabels to add the finishing touches.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

customuhound00_small.jpg customuhound01_small.jpg customuhound02_small.jpg customuhound03_small.jpg customuhound04_small.jpg
customuhound05_small.jpg customuhound06_small.jpg customuhound07_small.jpg customuhound08_small.jpg customuhound010_small.jpg
customuhound011_small.jpg customuhound012_small.jpg customuhound013_small.jpg customuhound014_small.jpg

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